Cannabis Tincture

A Great Cannabis Tincture Recipe!

This cannabis tincture recipe will put all other cannabis tinctures to shame. It only takes an eyedropper full of this stuff to go flying.


Ingredients & Things Required:

-One 8th of good quality marijuana
-2 oz. of 151 proof alcohol or higher
-1 small pan
-A 9” diameter x 3” high vertical-sided pan(or similar)
-Some measuring cups
-A Candy or quick-read thermometer



-To create this cannabis tincture, we will be concentrating marijuana into a high-proof alcohol.

-Follow each of these steps very carefully, as this recipe is more delicate than most.

-This cannabis tincture recipe will yield one ounce of cannabis tincture. The standard dose for this stuff is one millilitre, giving you 30 powerful doses.


1) Grind your 8th of marijuana very well.

2) Put aluminum foil onto a small baking pan and place the marijuana onto it, spreading it out for more surface area on the pan. Put it into a pre-heated 325° F oven for 5 minutes. 

3) After baking for 5 minutes, place the cannabis into 2 oz. of high-proof alcohol, making sure the proof of the alcohol is 151 or higher.

4) Next we simmer the alcohol through a water bath. Begin to begin to boil an inch of water in a pan that is, ideally, 9” in diameter and 3” high. Put the mixture into a small mason jar, not covering it up. When the water begins to boil, bring it down to a low simmer and place the mason jar inside, ensuring the jar is open with a thermometer inside.

5) Raise the temperature inside of the mason jar to a consistent 170° F and maintain that for 20 minutes.

6) After twenty minutes, take it off the heat and let cool. The result will be 1 fluid ounce of great cannabis tincture.

7) Strain it through a mesh strainer, separating the liquid from the green plant material. You may then use a garlic press to squeeze the remaining plant material and get every last drop of the marijuana tincture.

And there it is, a proven method on how to produce 30 doses of a powerful cannabis tincture, using only an 8th of an ounce!